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Ponderings & Pontifications of the Pastor


            It is with great joy that we welcome back Fr. Peter after some weeks of rest, retreat, and reunion with family members and friends.  Fr. Peter…we’re glad to have you back among us, once again, to enjoy your ministry, warmth, and humor!

            Thank you to everyone who kept Fr. Peter in their prayers, especially for safety in travel.  Your prayers, very often, are what keep us going in our priestly duties and responsibilities!


            As most of you know, Fr. Leo has not been with us since the beginning of July.  After a few health concerns, Fr. Leo spent some time in the hospital and then a nearby nursing home to have some time for recovery.  Fr. Leo was certainly aware of the many prayers that you offered on his behalf, and he has expressed his gratitude many times.

            After talking extensively with members of Fr. Leo’s family, he has been moved to St. Francis Park in Hamburg, where he can receive the necessary care that he has come to require.  Although this was a tough decision for Fr. Leo’s family, considering how much he loved being here at Blessed Sacrament, it is felt that he requires a greater level of assistance.  There is a small chance that Fr. Leo may be able to return in the future, however (and I covey this after talking with family members), the emphasis is on “small chance.”

            Despite these developments, Fr. Leo remains in good spirits; his sense of humor and wit are undimmed.  Please feel free to send him cards directly, although it might be best to wait until going out to visit him in person.  This will give him a chance to settle into the routine and flow of St. Francis Park, as well as letting the staff get to know him and his needs.

Rev. Msgr. Leo F. McCarthy

St. Francis Park

5229 South Park Ave.

Hamburg, NY 14075

                                                                                                ~ Fr. Martin Gallagher