There were 90 families registered at our first celebrated Mass on December 8, 1929 in the old Kenilworth Fire Hall.  A portable altar was built by parishioners and an old organ had been donated.  Thanks to neighbors, the altar and organ were kept in nearby homes during the week and then rolled down Hawthorne Avenue to the “Church” on Sundays.  The first collection on December 15, 1929 amounted to $22.60 and the New Year’s Day collection was a big $50.41.

January 26, 1930 the first Altar Society started and the women met at a members home.  Block card parties were run to raise money.  The first card party was held in the clubhouse at Grover Cleveland Park on March 3, 1930 and $693.22 was raised.  Quota for Catholic Charities was $100.00

The school which consisted of 4 classrooms opened September 7, 1930 with 112 pupils.  September 14, 1930 a Holy Name Rally was held and the men with the aid of the Altar Society sponsored a Lawn Fete raising $505.15.

The church was dedicated the 4th Sunday of Advent 1930.  For 1933 the average weekly collection totaled $81.00

In 1934 Father started door to door collections but this did not prove successful.  Also in 1934 the first turkey raffle was held and netted $165.59.

March 1944 an Altar Society was formally started with 25 members and from 1944-1950 the turkey raffle was sponsored jointly by the Holy Name and Altar Society.  In 1948 the seating capacity in the church was increased from 360 to 860 and the number of classrooms to 13.  The rectory was sold and moved from the lot and the present rectory was built.  On November 12, 1967 Mass was televised from Blessed Sacrament Church.

February 6, 1958 the Altar Society was enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity and was thereafter called The Altar & Rosary Society.

Instead of a new church there was a ground breaking ceremony on May 18, 1969 to build a Parish Center which was called the Marion Center.  Mass was offered in the completed Center August 9, 1970 to ask God’s blessings on all future activities to be held there.  In 1973 the Felician Sisters took over the teaching at Blessed Sacrament School.

September 28, 1975 Father burned the mortgage and the fund began to build our new church.  Finally ground was broken and work began September 1, 1975.  We were honored to have the Pilgrim Statue.

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