News, Pastor's Note

Ponderings & Pontifications of the Pastor

Greetings friends!

Well “Mass on the Grass,” last Sunday was rained out. It was probably for the best, considering the heat and humidity. Personally, I quite enjoy Mass inside the air conditioned church…Deo gratias!

This weekend, we are especially grateful to have REV. DOUG MAY with us for the annual mission appeal collection! Fr. Doug May comes to us from the Maryknoll Fathers, and has served for a number of years with this order in various countries, such as Egypt and Kenya. Fr. Doug has deep roots in Western New York, coming from Boston, NY, as well as many family members and church connections within the area. A frequent visitor to Christ the King Seminary (during my time) as well as helping at many parishes in the diocese, Fr. Doug is well at home. We wish to say WELCOME FATHER to our church in our little corner of Tonawanda!

Fr. Doug May might be coming back here to Blessed Sacrament in the future, to continue to speak on the importance of supporting missionaries around the world. He and I had a great conversation about his time in Egypt serving the Coptic Catholic community, as well as his connections with the Coptic Eastern Orthodox and the Coptic Oriental Orthodox churches. I hope to have him back at Blessed Sacrament at some future time to offer Mass in the Coptic liturgical rite, which I think would be a beautiful experience for all of us! As Roman Catholics, we ought to always be mindful of the rich history, theology, iconography, and liturgy of the various Eastern Catholics, who are absolutely our brothers and sisters spread around the globe.

As summer begins to draw to a close, we start to plan ahead for the fall season and the beginning of our long awaited ROOF REPAIRS…Deo gratias!

Even though our fundraising efforts continue, it is so very good to begin this important work on the parish campus. Stay tuned for more information about events for fundraising for the roof, as well as ongoing repairs and maintenance, in the future as well. We will have more information coming soon, possibly about the results of a GRANT proposal that we submitted, and a very soon MATCHING GIFT program. This Matching Gift fundraiser is being offered by a very generous private donor…more information to come!

Don’t forget about the PARISH PICNIC and MASS on Sunday, September 11th, 2022 at Lincoln Park!

This picnic is coming up soon, and we need to get RSVP’s from parishioners to plan for food, drinks, and various items as well. Come on out and join your fellow friendly faces from frequently forming to worship from far pews, and frolic for five minutes (or more) from the forested park of Lincoln, full of firs, ferns, furry critters, and FUN, FUN, FUN!

Now please forgive Father for fearfully inflicting fully unnecessary alliteration on you, my parish family and flock…

~Fr. Martin Gallagher