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ROOF Campaign

YES... WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS! We have not had a lot of rain lately, but when it rains, the raindrops do fall on the floor of our buildings and create many puddles.  Hence, we thank you for your ongoing donations and hope and pray that our parishioners will continue to support our "Roof Campaign".

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COVID Ruling Update

The Church is open for public Masses with 50% capacityaccording to the Diocesan Covid-19 instructions. Please wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.  Daily Mass is at 8:00 am.  Eucharistic Adoration begins onWednesday at 8:30 am through Thursday at 9:00 pmFor private Adoration visits, the church is open:Monday, Tuesday and Friday 3pm - 4pm.Live Streaming is available on the Diocesan… Continue reading COVID Ruling Update