News, Pastor's Note

Ponderings & Pontifications of the Pastor

 Greetings everyone!

First of all, I wish to pass along some news about Msgr. Leo McCarthy. Fr. Leo is temporarily away from the parish for health reasons. After a brief hospital stay, at which Fr. Leo did very well, he has moved to a nursing home facility, but not to take up permanent residence. A few years ago, Fr. Leo had surgery on one of his ankles, and unfortunately after consultation with his orthopedic doctors, he will need surgery once again soon.

Fr. Leo, in consultation with his doctors and family, decided to move to this nursing home temporarily, in anticipation of the surgery. Once the surgery is complete, he will return to this nursing home for physical therapy, rehab, and rest. After he has completed his time of physical therapy, and again consulting with his doctors and family, we hope he will be able to return here to Blessed Sacrament and once again take up residence with Fr. Peter and myself. However, this will depend on his progress, as well as what his family and doctors think is best.

In the meantime, if you are attempting to call Fr. Leo at the rectory (and you wondered why he is not returning your call), then it is because he is simply not here. If anyone wishes to send a get-well card, please feel free to drop one off at the parish offices in Fr. Cotter Hall, and we will make sure that he gets them. Also, please keep him in your prayers!

Mark your calendars for the following Sunday (July 31st) as it is our first official MASS ON THE GRASS! This outdoor Mass will be held at 9am so that we might avoid the heat and humidity of midday, but we will always have to keep the weather in mind. Unless it decides to pour that day, Mass will be on the front lawn area of the church, in front of the main doors and next to the rectory (where the memorial walk and Sacred Heart shrine is located). Please bring your lawn chairs, sunscreen, hats, and maybe an umbrella to shield yourself from the sun. Just try to remember, when the Blessed Sacrament has been consecrated, remove your hat out of love and respect for our Eucharistic Lord. See everyone there on July 31st!

~ Fr. Martin Gallagher