News, Pastor's Note

Thoughts from Sister Lucette 4/11/21

We have numerous events to celebrate during this glorious
season of Easter.

 ~ This weekend we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday where his mercy overshadows our faults, weaknesses and sinfulness. His mercy knows no limits and we are always able to receive his tender, life-giving mercy.

~ This weekend we truly celebrate the gift of our new pastor, Rev. Martin Gallagher, who comes to shepherd our faith community. We warmly welcome Father Martin and promise our prayerful support in the days ahead.

~ This weekend we celebrate the First Communion of four of our 3rd Grade students: Alexander Buccitelli, Ashley Herr, Mckenna Ryan Gladysek and Benjamin Utzig. We thank Miss Lucy, the Coordinator, and Sylvia Rinelli and Martha Gladysek who have prepared these children. Gratitude also to their parents who nurture their faith and will continue to bring them closer to the Lord.

~ This weekend we also recognize and thank in a very special way Msgr. Leo McCarthy, Msgr. Thomas Crane and Father Richard Jedrzejewski for celebrating the sacrifice of the Mass for us throughout the past six months. May they know our deep gratitude for nurturing our spirits and inviting us to new life in the Lord. ALLELUIA!