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As we have often seen, the encouragement   extended to seekers to begin a journey toward a    deepening faith and understanding of who Jesus is, or should be in our lives, is often every bit as relevant to the baptized faithful as it is to Inquirers. Whether in our own personal lives or in times where faith is shaken, it takes courage to go out into the deep.

In “Rediscover Catholicism,” Matthew Kelly refers to the account in Luke’s Gospel of Jesus’        instructions to Peter after a night of unproductive fishing to “Put out into deep water”. (Luke 5:4) It’s only after following Jesus’ instructions that their “mission” is successful beyond what they could have imagined. So often in our lives God prompts us to “let go” and let Him take us from those times that are filled with frustration, doubt or fear  to a place of trust where we remember that He always walks our journey with us. The courage to cast into the deep during those times when we can’t see ahead comes to us through the Holy Spirit, if we are open to His prompting – even when it may not make sense, (can’t you just see Peter roll his eyes when Jesus told him to go back to where they had fished all night and had caught nothing?) It takes courage to trust, but trust is the only thing that moves us along on our own unique journeys as seekers and opens us up to the graces that enable us to share our strength with others.

To quote Matthew Kelly “Don’t be afraid of deep places.”

Submitted by:

Marguerite Mullins