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During an episode of the EWTN program “Every Day Catholic,” host Chris Stefanick shared a story of a recent bedtime conversation he had with his young daughter when she asked “Daddy, why does the devil hate us?” His answer was both inspirational and eye opening. He told her that he thought the devil hated us because we look like God. After he had uttered those words, his own eyes were re-opened to what he saw in himself and in his daughter. After his daughter’s awestruck realization of what her father had just told her, she answered “I look like God?” His renewed amazement that we are God’s creation prompted the rest of his inspired message to his daughter: “Yes, you and I are made in the image and likeness of the Maker of the Universe, inside you is a mind more complex and vast than any library, a heart that’s deeper than any ocean, a house of worship more spectacular than any cathedral, a soul that shines more brightly than the sun – and if you could see a baptized Christian’s soul for what it is, I think you would be tempted to kneel down and worship. The dignity of a human being is           unfathomable….there’s a reason why when God looked down on humanity, He found something that was worth dying for. I think we need to start looking at ourselves that way too.”

Can you imagine if we truly saw ourselves as this incredible image and likeness of God……how could seekers not flock to our doors searching for the same?

Submitted by Marguerite Mullins