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What does the Road to Renewal Encompass?

The purpose of the Road to Renewal is to respond to these key issues and others by evaluating and reforming critical areas of Catholic life in Buffalo.

1. Catholic Center – The Renewal will help the Catholic Center to embrace a new vision for ministering in the Diocese moving forward.

 2. Catholic Education – Inspiring and instilling the faith through our Catholic schools and Faith Formation programs must be vibrant and evangelizing to keep our young people active in the faith.

3. Spirituality – Focusing on Jesus Christ, as the center of all we do in the Diocese of Buffalo, is the aim of the Renewal.

4. Evangelization – Reaching out to those we have lost and those who have not yet found Christ. Concentrating efforts on our young people who need to be ministered to • Becoming far more welcoming to people and letting them know they have a place in our Diocese and Catholic parishes

5. Parishes – Having vibrant parishes to minister to the faithful of our Diocese is of utmost importance. Ministerial and financial stability of our parishes is essential to ensuring a future of success and growth.

Bringing parishes together into a collaborative model known as a ‘Family of Parishes’ is the best path forward to create parish vibrancy and mitigate the diminishing number of priests to serve in our Diocese. Are we in this alone? As of May 4, 2022, 130 Dioceses in the United States have been contacted to ask how they are responding to similar concerns.