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Ponderings & Pontifications of the Pastor

Hello friends!

We have a number of different things that need to be highlighted for this weekend, and you will probably hear more about them in the next few weeks as well. I do apologize if these announcements get redundant, but they are all very important.

Volunteers for Ministries and Eucharistic Adorers

We are in need of parishioners to come forward to serve as greeters & ushers, lectors, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. The Saturday evening Mass at 4pm, for example, is especially in need of greeters and lectors. For the Sunday Mass at 11am, we are also in need of greeters and ushers, as well as lectors. Please consider volunteering your time to serve in these important ministries, especially since they concern the most important purpose of the parish; the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

Also, we are in great need of people to commit to a regular time for Eucharistic adoration on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Blessed Sacrament, exposed for adoration, can never be left alone. If you are already a regularly scheduled adorer, please contact the office and make sure that we have your name, phone number, and the day and time that you come. We will compose a contact list so that if you are unable to come to your regularly scheduled time, you can contact someone to come and take your spot. Unfortunately, if we do not have enough adorers, we will have no choice to but to reduce the hours of adoration.

Roof Repairs

As mentioned a great deal last year, or if you have noticed the ceiling in the sacristy, we are in desperate need of roof repairs to almost every building on campus. The Parish Center and sections of the old school, Fr. Cotter Hall, and the chapel extension on the main church (choir room, sacristy, Chapel of the Divine Mercy) all need immediate attention. This will be a very expensive undertaking and we will have to consider many different factors. We may begin a formal capital campaign (with approval from the diocese) in order to ensure that the roofs are given the necessary repairs. In most of these cases, patching will no longer suffice. Most of our buildings will require full tear offs, and a brand new roof to be installed once the old one is removed. Please consider donating to this very important endeavor. More information will follow soon.

Survey of Parishioners for the Road to Renewal

As part of the ongoing efforts of the Road to Renewal, all parishes are being asked to distribute a formal, written survey to their members. This survey will be an important tool in determining the strengths of each parish, and how those strengths can benefit the other parishes in the local family. This survey will have to be completed in church, so there will be more information soon about when we will be distributing this document. The surveys will take place from early March until early April. More information will soon follow in the weeks ahead.

Finally, keep an eye out for the upcoming schedule of Masses for Ash Wednesday and other Lenten activities and programs. Thank you!

~Fr. Martin Gallagher