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     When we look at Mary as a mother, we are reminded that the attributes that come with motherhood are the same today as they were when she was raising her Child. Although Mary was without sin, she was a mom, with all of the emotions as those blessed with that     vocation experience today. Mary felt the same joys, frustration, heartache and worry that  all mothers  experience. 

     The joy that a mother feels the first time she holds her newborn infant is indescribable. Mary experienced that joy as she tenderly cradled her infant and her heart opened up like she couldn’t have imagined – that’s what moms feel. She taught and guided her Child, cured his scrapes and calmed his fears, dreaded the all too quick passage of time and stood by Him with unwavering trust in God. That’s what Christian moms do. 

     What mother has not experienced the anxiety of watching a child suffer from illness, addiction or a    debilitating birth defect? What mother who has lost a child, at any age, not been able to relate to Mary’s     suffering at the foot of the Cross? Nothing can prepare us for motherhood, but the example set by Mary inspires us to go to her and beg for her support and comfort and the gifts of courage and wisdom that are hers to give. 

     God had a mission for her which she accepted   without hesitation. God also has a purpose for each of us as mothers, whether that role is through childbirth, adoption, as a Godparent, a teacher or a mentor, it can be accomplished in the ordinary tasks of daily life. We are challenged to answer God’s call to love, and with Mary as our model, ordinary tasks, done with love, can touch hearts in extraordinary ways!