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In today’s reading, St. Paul encourages us to think of what is above; that is, eternal life, instead of being   consumed by the ways and concerns of this earthly life. His words provide wonderful guidance for us on how to live a purposeful and happy life. St. Paul is challenging us to pursue those things that are of lasting value, rather than the temporary pleasures of the world around us. If you are finding that your success in this world feels empty, that the ‘things’ you have acquired don’t bring the lasting happiness you thought they would, then   listen to St. Paul.  His message is one of hope that may just lead you to the true happiness you are seeking. Hope and joy are what the Easter message is all about. Dare to embrace the hope offered by St. Paul’s words. It’s the way to a happier life now, and a happier life to come.

USCCB-Word of Life: “When battered by life’s storms or immersed in a dense fog of suffering and uncertainty, we may feel alone and unequipped to  handle the circumstances. Yet with words that echo through thousands of years into the corners of our hearts, the Lord says to us, ‘Do not fear: I am with you’ (Isaiah 41:10).”