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              "A Weekly Bulletin Note From the Pastor" January 14, 2018
         Last week the Catholic Church entered into the Liturgical Ordinary Time, with vestments and altar covers the color green.

     Our newly formed Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) met last week and worked on developing their Vision Statement. Next month's meeting will be dedicated to ongoing formation and developing of the PPC's Mission statement. The elected by the group the PPC officers are: President - Pamela Borawski, Vice-President - Maria Gust, Secretary - Lucy Stanton.

     Many people attending Masses at our parish are older and some have weak or otherwise compromised body immune systems. As it was announced last week, for the duration of the flu season the Holy Communion will be distributed at our church under only one species, the Body of Christ until Holy Week. Also, to help prevent spreading infectious viruses, I suggest that anyone who feels sick with a cold or flu refrains from shaking hands at the sign of peace and after the Mass, or using the holy water receptacles at entrances to the church and chapel. Most healthy people with strong immune systems should not be adversely affected by common viruses. Regular prayer at church and at home is one of the great ways to boost one's health.

     Have a blessed and healthy season.

     Fr. Matt