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Divine Mercy in My Soul

From the Diary of St. Faustina…

Here are a few words from a conversation I had with the Mother Directress (Mary Joseph) toward the end of my Novitiate: “Sister, let simplicity and humility be the characteristic traits of your soul. Go through life like a little child, always trusting, always full of simplicity and humility, content with everything, happy in every circumstance. There, where others fear, you will pass calmly along, thanks to this simplicity and humility. Remember this, Sister, for your whole life; as water flow from the mountains down into the valleys, so, too, do God’s graces flow only into humble souls. ” (from Diary 55)

MY RESPONSE: O, Jesus, help me to become a simple and humble childlike soul, so that your graces will flow into me, like waters down a mountainside.