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53rd Week Sunday Collection!

53rd Week Sunday Collection! 

My dear Parishioners,

You have received numerous letters from me as you Pastor and shepherd of Blessed Sacrament Parish. However, this one is different and perhaps “out there”, but creative none the less.

In order for our parish to continue to be an effective sign of Christ presence and continue to be a viable parish in this area, we are calling upon your generosity to assist our parish during these financial challenging times. With consultation with the Parish Finance Committee, it has been decided, in order to meet our shortfall, we are coming to you to have a “Fifty Third Week Sunday Collection”. (I know that there are only 52 weeks in a year.)

To help us make up the difference, we are asking all parishioners/families to please consider giving one additional week’s offering. We are asking that you place one of the yellow Parish Project or plain white envelope in the basket during any one of our next several weekend collections, mail it to the Parish Office or go online and contribute electronically.

Finally, we are very aware of the times in which we live in and the financial difficulties we all face. However, we are challenging you to help us sustain the parish that we all love and perhaps ever grew up in and try to meet this 53rd Week Collection goal.

With sincere gratitude,

Father Martin Gallagher Parish Finance Committee