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Altar & Rosary Society

To the women of our Parish, we extend a warm
and welcoming invitation to you to come and join
the Altar & Rosary Society for the coming 2022-23
year. Our membership is made up of women from
our parish and how wonderful it is to join together
as Catholic women. We hold a general meeting,
usually on the first Monday of the month, and our
activities are always published, in advance, in our
church bulletin. Our monthly programs are
informative, interesting and, sometimes, just plain
fun. While the women of this parish have worked to
support and aid the church since its founding,
today we continue to serve the church in many and
varied ways. The Society was officially approved by
the Rosary Foundation in NYC in 1958. If you think
you might be interested in joining, please use the
pink envelope currently in your church envelope
packet and send in your dues via the Sunday
collection. Please watch our bulletin for further
meeting information. We look forward to seeing
you in September. Thank you.