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Mother’s Day Reflection…

Motherhood is a path for mothers to sanctify their families, and for mothers, in turn, to be sanctified by and through their families. And moms, in order to do this, God gives you the family that you need. I want to reemphasize that. He gives you the family that you need. He doesn’t give you your neighbor’s family, or your best friend’s, or your frenemy’s.

He may not even give you the family you want, the family you hoped and prayed for, the family you dreamed of since you were a young girl. For many of us, it means a family bigger or smaller than we imagined. But He gives you the family that will sanctify you.

Now the next logical question is, how does that sanctification happen? How do we cooperate with it in our roles as mothers? It starts in our being faithful in the mundane, repetitive tasks of our daily lives.

We as mothers are uniquely suited to the work of receiving and bearing Christ’s love to the world. We are designed to receive grace, in our souls and especially in our bodies, and to bear it forth to others.

The wiping of sticky hands. The making of casseroles. The baths, the dressing, the undressing, the tucking in. I sweep the kitchen floor, and I sweep it again, and when I turn around 10 minutes later it is dirty, so I sweep it again to keep the baby from choking to death on a raisin. We work with our feet firmly planted on the ground and our hands at the service of our families.

But at the same time, our minds and hearts must be constantly turned toward Heaven. Just as we are called to be faithful in the ongoing tasks of our daily lives, we are called to offer all of it to God.

We know, by faith and by practice, that there is more to our work than what is happening with our bodies. We know that as our bodies move, our souls are moved too. It matters! And what matters is not how perfectly our days are going according to plan, but how perfectly we are surrendering our plans to Him.

Wishing all Mothers, Grandmothers and Godmothers a truly blessed and joy-filled day.