News, Pastor's Note

Thoughts from Sister Lucette 4/4/21

ALLELUIA!  Our Lord has risen from the tomb and death is defeated. Christ’s promise is that in him we too shall be raised.  Nearly two thousand years later, we celebrate the risen Jesus as though it is happening today.  For it is happening today. Jesus Christ is risen, death is defeated, redemption is here.  Let us give thanks to the Lord Jesus for his supreme sacrifice.  We praise God for the promise of eternal life.  We sing out in joy, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! Our Lord is risen today!

  ~ How do our actions give praise to God for saving us and calling us to new life?  

  ~ How has our attitude changed since we began our Lenten journey six weeks ago? 

  ~ How can we be like the women at the tomb and share the good news with our families, friends and neighbors?

  ~ How are we an “alleluia” person?

   On behalf of Msgr. Leo McCarthy, Msgr. Thomas Crane, Father Richard Jedrzejewski and the entire Parish Staff we wish everyone a glorious, joyous and blessed Easter Season. 

        Celebrate and keep our new pastor, Father Martin Gallagher, in your prayers as he comes to shepherd our parish on Monday, April 12th   Alleluia!