News, Pastor's Note

Thoughts from Sr. Lucette 2/7/21…

As faith-filled people, we trust in God’s mercy and love as we gather together in prayer with God’s word and life-giving Eucharist. However, on some days and we might feel like Job did in our first reading. We want to agree with Job: “Woe is me.” But the Gospel gives us hope in the healing power of Jesus for he comes to serve and invites us to go out and do the same. 
     Have the last few weeks prompted your spirit to lose hope?     
     What needs healing in your life and in the lives of your loved ones?
Do you set aside time for prayer to seek direction and answers for your life?
In what way can you better serve those in need of strength and healing?
The season of Lent begins next Wednesday, February 17th.  Are you ready?  Begin by planning time to be with the Lord within your busy day.  Ask the Lord to open your mind and heart to possibilities this Lenten season.  Make it new and challenge yourself to GROW in the Lord.

Ash Wednesday Mass will be celebrated 8:00am & 6:30pm.

Additional distribution of blessed ashes
will be from 12:00 to 12:30 pm

Please see page 5 of the bulletin for the 2021 Lenten Schedule & Regulations.
             The Parish Office will be closed on Feb.15th
                               for Presidents’ Day.