Featured, Pastor's Note

Thoughts from Sr. Lucette…

  As we enter the 4th week of Ordinary time, the scripture readings inspire several questions. Do these words astonish and amaze us as they did so long ago for the people of Jesus’ time? Jesus spoke with authority and conviction about God’s kingdom. He heals a man possessed with an unclean spirit and therefore teaches us of his mercy and compassion
The questions to ponder are: 
 * What truly astonishes us about our God in our day and age?
 * Are we amazed at God working in our day and in our lives?
 * How is God healing us of our sins and weaknesses?
 * Do we come before him as truly the “Holy One of God”? 

Let us carve out time in our busy lives to be astonished
and amazed at his infinite love, care, and mercy.

For the next several weeks, baskets can be found in all church entrances for your blessed palms from last year. These will be burned and used on Ash Wednesday.

The February schedule for Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors can be found in the Sacristy after each of the Weekend Masses.

Let us continue to pray daily for a priest to come to shepherd our parish.