News, Pastor's Note

Thoughts from Sr. Lucette

Once again, we begin the season of Advent,  time of preparation for Christ’s coming into the world on Christmas morning.  But this is not the only arrival of Christ for which we can prepare.  He comes into our hearts at any time in any way.  He comes to us in the Eucharist.  We hope to be welcomed into his arms when we leave this world.  Finally, he will come again at the end of time.  Today let us think about how we can prepare to receive Christ Jesus, even when we least expect him.
     As an additional way to prepare our hearts for His coming, the  Sacrament of Reconciliation  is available  every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm to 3:45.
     Retirement Fund for Religious:  On the weekend of December 12th and 13th we are given the opportunity to help our senior Catholic sisters, brothers, and religious order priests who have dedicated themselves to service of and acts of mercy.  Today they pray for our aching world.  Yet years of serving for little or no pay have left their religious communities without enough retirement savings.  Your gift for the Retirement Fund for Religious helps provide medications, nursing care, and
other necessities.  Please be generous.  Thank You.