News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 10/25/20

I feel very blessed I was able to serve, pray with, and get to know many of the Blessed Sacrament parishioners over the past almost four years.  I was recently called to lead
another Catholic parish family with a few different challenges, mostly involving running a small K-8 school.  I answered that call recognizing in it the plan of God.

   Starting this Sunday, October 24-25,
                   there are only three Sunday Masses:

   Saturday 4:00 pm (Vigil, in the chapel with an overflow
                                      in the church – recorded Mass)

   Sunday 9:00 am

   Sunday 11:00 am
   All Masses are inside of the church.  The 7:30 am Mass had 
 been suspended indefinitely due to very low participation and 
 a recent lack of sufficient priest’s availability.

I am very grateful to all at Blessed Sacrament who have shown me friendship, appreciation, patience, and a lot of prayerful support. This is a special parish, where the core of parishioners have been formed by the Mission retreats and Divine Mercy devotions and actions.  I will cherish those memories and promise to continue to pray for all
at BSC, and especially for a timely appointment of a new pastoral leader.  I also humbly ask for prayers as I make a transition to lead SSPP in Williamsville.  Know that you are always welcome there to visit, pray, or join in the spiritual and Adult Faith Formation activities.  I will continue to assist in the transition period, as much as my new schedule allows it.

God bless you always.  

Fr. Matt