News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 8/16/20

We continue to plan for hosting a Perpetual Adoration with Eucharistic Exposition at our parish.  We will start first with a full daytime adoration on Wednesdays, from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm, starting likely in September, after we get enough people to sign up. 

    Msgr. Leo McCarthy
continues to recover very nicely.  He resumed celebrating the daily and Sunday Masses.  He is grateful for the prayers and he assures his prayers for all, as well.              

    The School of Two Hearts was planning to open this fall, leasing space at our church campus. Due to Covid-caused delays, it is unlikely that they will be able to open in 2020;
however, in the meantime, they will be offering a Homeschool
Co-Op in the Roman Catholic Tradition
. This initiative comes as a very timely option for a number of school age children and their families struggling with uncertainties regarding the
upcoming school year. The Co-Op group is not connected with our parish, just leasing space from us short-term for two
semesters.  However, we are glad to welcome any child and family who will be coming to learn about God, the World, our country, and themselves. I am convinced some of them will be attending our daily and Sunday Masses as well.
             For more information about the Co-Op, go to:        

Fr. Matt