News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 8/2/20

Thanks to the inspiration of our parishioners, Janet and Matt Meyer, we are planning to host a Perpetual Adoration with Eucharistic Exposition at our parish.  As part of the Adoration, we will also say prayers aloud for the nation 24/7.  I invite all to consider signing up for one hour at any time, day or night, and let us know about the chosen time by email. We have already hosted similar prayers during this past June, four hours each day, for 30 days immediately before July 4th and it was well attended. We are hoping to fill the 24/7 schedule and start the Adoration by September.  Anyone from WNY can sign up.
    Currently, we have Eucharistic Holy Hour from 3-4 pm from Monday to Friday.  Please contact me to sign up for the list of the Eucharistic Companions of Christ during those hours.
    When leaving a voice message for the pastor or with the parish office, please speak the name and phone number slowly and repeat the number twice  to ensure a prompt reply.
Last Sunday, we welcomed Neil Vandenbergh into the Catholic Church at the 9:00 am Lawn Mass. He was Confirmed and received Holy Communion for the first time at this Mass.   We congratulate and welcome him.  Neil had already been baptized in the Christian Church; through the RCIA discernment process and being guided by the Holy Spirit, he decided to fully join the Roman-Catholic Church.  We congratulate and welcome him. 

    We also congratulate Seamus McCrohan, who received his First Holy Communion at this same Mass last Sunday.

Fr. Matt