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Divine Mercy in My Soul

“O MY JESUS, if you yourself do not soothe the longing of my soul, then no one can either comfort or soothe it. Your every approach arouses new raptures of love in my soul, but also a new agony; because, despite all your approaches to my soul, even the most exceptional, I am still loving you from a distance, and my heart dies in an ecstasy of love; because this is still not the complete and eternal union, although you commune with me so very often unveiled (as if face to face);  nevertheless, you thereby open in my soul and heart an abyss of love and desire for you, my God, and this bottomless abyss, this total desiring of God, cannot be completely filled on this earth.”
(Diary 1600).

My Response

Jesus, this incompleteness is an agony within me, because of my love for you. Yet I can take solace in the fact that completeness will be attained when my exile on earth comes to its end; when my complete and eternal union, with you, can take place.