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Pastor’s Note 5/18/20

Ascension Reflection

The Risen Christ spent 40 days after His resurrection, appearing to the Apostles and hundreds of other witnesses in Galilee and the surrounding areas.  He continues to reveal Himself today to all who believe and place their trust in Him.  We are still not able, for the most part, to welcome Him into our bodies and souls in the sacramental Holy Communion in these challenging weeks of the coronavirus forced social isolation.  We can and do, however, talk to Jesus in our hearts, minds, and with our lips, hands, and knees, when we say our daily prayers, especially the Rosary in this month of honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Our shared and heart-felt prayer has the power to open the heavens for us to shower the graces needed to guide our country and the world in the ensuing economic, cultural, social, and technological revolutionary changes.  On the one hand, they could well result in being disastrous to our immortal souls’ trans-humanistic A.I.-driven transformation of the human race of epic proportions.  It does not have to be, however, if we follow God’s loving plan.  God allows evil to temporarily show its disruptive and destructive power to give us yet another chance and time to put our moral and spiritual priorities in order.  It is really about the spirit over matter.  The time seems to be accelerating now towards humanity’s spiritual awaking to rediscover the true nature of being human.  It is to walk and grow in self-submission with and toward God and His Will, not away from Him.  Many find it possible with less time watching TV news and other often fear-inducing and addiction feeding digital entertainment.  Others rediscover God with more time praying, reading books, spending time in nature, and loving themselves and others. 

We meet God living inside of ourselves and others, but mostly in the stillness of our hearts and minds.  Strangely, the coronavirus slowdown of our modern human civilization has helped it.  Every single deep long breath we take is a perfect reminder of our true nature of adopted children of God, destined to be with Him in this and the next life.  It is a life worth fighting for.  Jesus showed the way for us through His dying and rising for us.  Only with Him and through Him, we can find true immortality not in a technologically and A.I. driven processes separating us from God.  This world, with all its technological  wonders, will ultimately pass away and be transformed, giving way to a new Heaven and the new glorified Earth. We are witnesses and active participants of this change through prayer, trust, and love.  

This week we will be celebrating the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven with His Body and Soul.    Christ’s newly resurrected human body was elevated to the level of God.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.  Christ was the first of the new creation, the new Adam, and we will follow.  That is who we indeed are.  No virus, fear, suffering, or even death can stop us from being united in love with Christ and through Him with our true God.  After the Ascension, Jesus did not leave us orphans, but He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us to and to remind us of that and all truth.

Catholic Charities Appeal continues. When mailing donation cards and checks to the parish office, please remember to include in the check memo our parish number “0507.”  Thank you for your support of this needed cause.

We appreciate your ongoing financial support of our parish to help pay the essential operating expenses.  It will also help us to make the needed and necessary preparations for the new normal as our county and our parish are hopefully going to reopen safely soon. 

Special Masses continue to be celebrated for all for whom “Mother’s Day Mass Remembrance” prayers were requested. 

Happy and Healthy Easter Season!

Fr. Matt