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Pastor’s Note 5/10/20

Last Wednesday, on National Nurse’s Day, God called home a Felician Sister Juanita Nowak after a long debilitating illness.  She was a nurse for about 25 years and older parishioners remember her ministry as a Parish Nurse here at Blessed Sacrament Parish under Msgr. Golombek for about four years.  We will celebrate a Mass in her intention this Wednesday, May 13th, on the memorial of the first apparition of Blessed Virgin at Fatima in 1917.
  Catholic Charities Appeal continues. When mailing donation cards and checks to the parish office, please remember to include in the check memo our parish number “0507.”  Thank you for your support of this needed cause.

  This was the third week I continued to walk (on average, two miles) several streets of the parish with the Risen Christ in the monstrance, mostly by the homes and streets requested by parishioners.  Some faithful were moved to tears thanking the Risen Lord on their knees for visiting them on the street in these challenging times.  I will keep on walking with Jesus on sunny days until people are allowed to assemble again at our church for Masses and liturgies.  Please let me know if you want your house or street to be visited and blessed from a sidewalk. 

May is the traditional month the Catholic Church honors Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, and the Mother of the Church.  The life-size statue of Our Lady of Fatima is back in the grotto on Chelsea Street.  I encourage all members of the parish Altar and Rosary Society, the Legion of Mary, and all parishioners to pray the Rosary daily at home or at church in May. Anyone can pray privately at church from 12-6 pm.  The Risen Christ in the Eucharist is daily exposed for adoration from 3-4 pm for private adoration. 

We continue to pray for all the sick and dying in connection to all kinds of health issues, including COVID-19.  The latter is a dangerous illness, especially for people with impaired immune systems or other underlying health conditions.  We also pray for all the victims of the prolonged shelter-at-home policy, which isolates people from each other and nature, where 99% of beneficial bacteria and viruses reside.  Catholics have been separated from the spiritual healing Sacraments.  The severe, already observed, side effects of imposed isolation include lower personal immunity, shattered small businesses, massive unemployment, loss of sustained income for millions of people and also increased mental disorders, suicide rates, alcoholism, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, worsening life-threatening chronic health conditions due to delayed seeking of treatments.  We pray for wisdom for leaders on all levels to make the right decisions for our society based on real, field-tested, most current scientific data. 

We appreciate your ongoing financial support of our parish to help pay the essential operating expenses.  Donations in memory of a deceased loved one have exceptional significance for our parish. 

              Happy Mother’s Day!
    Happy and Healthy Easter Season!

    Fr. Matt