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Pastor’s Note 4/12/20

The Church enters into the Easter Week and Octave of Easter on this Easter Sunday, which will culminate on Divine Mercy Sunday, on April 19. Starting on Good Friday, we continue to pray the Divine Mercy Novena of Chaplets in preparation for the Great promise Jesus made in the private revelation to St. Faustina accepted publicly by the Church, “On that day. . . The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.” (Diary, 699, 300, 1109) .  It is complete remission of all past sins and any purgatory temporal punishments for anyone who fulfills a few simple requirements of this Feast Day in 2020 only:
1) A perfect Act of Contrition with a promise to go to a sacramental Confession as soon as it is possible  2) Spiritual Holy Communion 3) Perform works of mercy whether deed, word, or prayer – all on Divine Mercy Sunday.   It is going to be the most unique and challenging Holy Triduum and Easter ever for all of us.  Our parish Chaplet Prayer Warriors pray the Chaplet daily for the intentions of all the dying people, asking for the grace of their pardon and future resurrection to life with Christ. 

  Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Quinlivan, sister of Fr. Bill Quinlivan, who passed away on Palm Sunday.  I understand Fr. Bill was not able to visit her in person for the past two weeks due to COVID-19 hospital restrictions. 

    Catholic Charities Appeal continues. When mailing donation cards and checks to the parish office, please remember to include in the check memo our parish number “0507.” As of last week, our parish’s donated total is $14,340 or 42% of our goal. Thank you for your support of this needed cause.

  Most parishes now face unprecedented financial and ministerial hardships with no more regular Sunday collection. Our congregation is trying to ride out the sudden desert experience by a profound drop in the weekly Sunday collection. I thank everyone who has mailed donations to the office or donated online. We need your help to pay the ongoing bills, keep the essential operations going, and to be fully back in the ministry to God’s people in His appointed time.
  Good news! Our 5-12 grades Faith Formation Youth Minister Carolyn Prefontaine was able to switch her ministry to entirely online for a limited time.  She held the first weekly Zoom session with the parish teens last Sunday evening.  We appreciate any support you can provide to her so our parish youth stays connected with the Church, especially this season. We also thank our K-4 volunteer Faith Formation Coordinator Lucy Stanton for keeping in touch with the families.
  Our Parish Office continues to be closed until further notice. Phone messages, emails, and mail continue to be screened daily. Mass intentions, including special Mother’s Day Intentions, can be requested by mail. One can leave a message by calling the Parish Office at 834-4282 or a direct message for the Pastor at 834-4282 ext. 408. Parishioners are always encouraged to call if in need of pastoral or spiritual guidance or prayers.

   Our Church remains open daily for individual prayers, including Sunday, with extended hours during the Easter Weekdays, from 11am-7pm, pending any sudden schedule changes. Please only use the chapel entrance or the main church entrance to enter. The other doors are locked from outside. All church and chapel door knobs, door crush bars, sinks, and toilets continue to be disinfected daily. Please use only the restrooms adjacent to the chapel entrance for now.  For safety, try not to touch any surfaces with bare hands, instead use a tissue, glove, or part of your clothing. When coughing or sneezing, do so in a tissue or bent elbow clothing. Seniors over 60 or anyone with underlying medical conditions are strongly advised to continue to self-isolate at home for their safety for the foreseeable future.

 For more timely Pastor announcements, which tend to come every few days or so, I invite you to subscribe to the current parish emailing list with over 280 parishioners by sending a “Subscribe to BSC Parish email list” line to

 Since we cannot easily come to be united with Jesus in Holy Communion at Mass, the Risen Christ will come to our streets. I plan to walk and ride with Jesus in the monstrance within the boundaries of our parish this Easter Week. Detailed updates will be provided by a pastor’s parish group email message. Please send a note or email to the office with a name, address, and contact number, if desired. I will do the walks or drives between Easter Sunday, April 12, and Divine Mercy Sunday, April 19, inclusive, on days with good weather. 

  A suggestion for a powerful one hour Holy Triduum and Easter preached mini-retreat:  “In this third and final talk, Fr. John Riccardo helps us understand why Jesus came, what He was doing on the cross on that day we call Good Friday, and what difference it all makes in our lives right now. Finally, he invites us to surrender anew, or for the first time, to this saving God, and to put all our gifts towards building for His kingdom until He comes again in glory and restores all of creation.”

     Please see pages 4 & 5 of the bulletin for some essential natural health suggestions on dealing with COVID-19.

      Fear not. Christ is Risen, Alive, and Present!  Trust in Him!

 Happy Easter! 

Fr. Matt