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The Corona Virus SARS – CoV-19 (Causing COVID-19 sickness) Personal Prevention & Protection Suggestions for Catholics

1) Situation evolves daily with the novel corona SARS-like virus SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 illness.  It is clear that our country lost the opportunity to contain the initial spread of the virus.  We can now only mitigate the speed of the spread of the pandemic, as to not overwhelm the hospital system.  As per the current government regulations, most group gatherings over 10 people are not allowed.  Last week our Diocesan Bishop decreed that all public Masses are suspended for many weeks.  They are celebrated by our parish priests daily for the intentions announced in the bulletin for that day, but are not publically announced, and are not to be open to congregation. 
     Practicing simple preventive steps will greatly help to keep it at bay and slow the rate of community infection.  
    The following updated policies and procedures are in place this week at our parish:
a) The church will be open: 12pm – 4pm on weekdays plus on Sunday.  All requested and scheduled weekday 8:00 am and 6:15 pm Mass intentions are celebrated by parish priests on the same days, but at different unannounced times and with no congregation.  Anyone who wants to reschedule the requested intention Mass time, please call the office for a new time slot for this summer or fall.  Chaplet of the Divine Mercy may be played from a CD on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm. 
Individual Confessions will be offered by appointment only.  Penitents please wear a face mask, if possible. 
b) All commonly used church doorknobs, push/pull levers, bathroom sinks and toilet seats are sanitized daily with commercial grade sanitizer. 
c) Holy Water receptacles at all entrances of the church have been emptied and removed.  Holy Water for individual use is available in the chapel in a large container with a spigot. 
d) Anointing of the Sick and Holy Communion can be brought to the dying by a priest, if requested AND, if possible.  Perfect Act of Contrition and Spiritual Holy Communion are always available to believers at any time and they can be practiced daily or more frequently.   
e)  Individuals or small clusters of people coming for private prayers are asked to keep a distance of minimum 6-8 feet from others in the pews, and most places for that matter. 
f) We ask people to refrain from using the commonly shared pew held hymnals. All pew tops were sanitized this weekend.  Do not touch the tops of pews, if possible, for your safety. Wall hand sanitizers should be installed soon at all entrances of the church and Father Cotter Hall.  We ask people to use them upon entering.
g) More directions and suggestions will likely be coming in the days and weeks to come, which is  always quicker through email. 
   Please always pray for the sick and one another.  Fear not. 


2)  Below is some information compiled from various sources on practical natural ways to deal with prevention of CoVID-19 illness.  Social distancing, proper hand washing, and boosting the body’s immune system are arguably best defenses against being infected at this time.  One-time-use N95 or higher quality face masks and hand gloves can be helpful, but not essential. They do not completely stop the virus.  Masks are definitely helpful for already infected people, slowing the spread of the virus.  Boost the immune system in natural ways: take reliable Vitamin C (Liposomal is most effective) several times a day in large doses up to bowel tolerance.  Take fat soluble Vitamins A, D3, E, K2.  Take daily Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium.  Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis is essential. Turn off WiFi and cell phones for the night to lower unhealthy radiation during sleep; it’s best to go to bed before 10pm.  Drink a lot of filtered water or immune boosting herbal teas.  Alkalize your body after waking up by drinking two glasses of well filtered non-fluoridated water with a table spoon of diluted raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon and pink Himalayan or Real salt.  Eat organic food (including fermented, not processed) Limited dairy. Omega 3 (wild caught salmon, other fatty fish, organic coconut oil).  Disinfect store vegetables in baking soda OR vinegar.  Eliminate most sugar and all artificial sweeteners, as they significantly weaken the immune system.  Clean air with a good HEPA filter, best if it also has UV light to kill viruses.  Practice frequent deep diaphragmal breathing, intermittent fasting, mild exercise and stretching.  Apply regular prayer, meditation, and laughter to lower stress. Wash hands often in warm water and soap for at least  20 seconds or, if that is not possible, apply a minimum 60% alcohol-based sanitizer gel.  Avoid touching your face. (Rule of thumb: touch face with your elbow only : ).  Lower fear and anxiety levels.  (Love conquers fear and stress and keeps bad viruses at bay).  Watch and read positive constructive news media and articles.  Sing.  Dance. Pray daily.  Spend time outside in the sun.  Walking barefoot on the grass or ground for even a few minutes grounds our body with healthy negative ions.

Additional suggestions Avoid unnecessary public transportation travel.  Avoid gatherings of large groups in enclosed space. If possible: use telemedicine; avoid visiting doctors’ offices and hospitals.  One option to inquire about testing for the virus is https://www.getroman.com/coronavirus/.  Get enough essential food and essential supplies for at least a month.  This is mostly to keep the stress level down to reasonable minimum, which will help to keep the immune system strong.  Stay healthy,
change the lifestyle and daily habits, to withstand additional
stressors of COVID-19.