News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 1/19/20

This January we started a new parish adult faith formation program, involving Catholic movies and/or presentation sessions; a  variety of topics and titles will be presented.  The third video will be an hour-long entitled Heaven; this is based on a Church approved private revelation, with a group discussion to follow.  It will be shown on Tue., January 21st, at 6:00 pm on the large screen at Father Cotter Hall.

   We welcome our new parish secretary, Kathryn Luppi;  she works part-time three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The other two days the office is covered by our parish staff, Sr. Lucette and Debi McInerney, as well as two very capable parish volunteers, Dolores Hughes and Rosemary Schaner. The office hours are extended to 9-4 pm on Wednesdays and 9-3 pm on Fridays.     

   Respect Life Committee of St. John the Baptist Church in Kenmore invites all to a Novena of Masses For Life.  They are celebrated at St. John’s at 7:30 pm each day this week ending on January 22nd.  All are invited to participate in praying the Rosary at 7:00 pm, followed by a Mass.  I will be presiding and preaching at this Mass on Sunday, January19th at 7:30 pm.

   On February 11th, the liturgical Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes, the Church also celebrates the World Day of the Sick.  On that evening we will celebrate a special Mass in our church with the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick at 6:30 pm.  Any Catholic with a serious chronic or terminal physical illness, emotional trauma or distress, or spiritual darkness or despair is welcome to come be anointed and be touched by the Christ, the Divine Physician, in the Holy Communion.  A celebration of a prior Sacrament of Reconciliation is also recommended to aid in healing.  Confessions will be heard from 5:45 pm – 6:15 pm in the Divine Mercy Chapel. 

   Please mark your calendars and consider supporting a special Ash Wednesday Fish Fry fundraiser served by our parish sponsored Boy Scout Troop 286 on Wednesday,
February 26, 4:30-8:30 pm in the Parish Center. 

Fr. Matt