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Divine Mercy in My Soul

From the Desk of St. Faustina…

Once when I was visiting the artist (Eugene Kazimirowski) who was painting the image, and saw that it was not as beautiful as Jesus is, I felt very sad about it, but I hid this deep in my heart.  When we had left the artist’s house, Mother Superior (Irene) stayed in town to attend some matters while I returned home alone. I went immediately to the chapel and wept a good deal. I said to the Lord, “Who will paint you as beautiful as your are?”  Then I heard these words, “Not in my beauty of color, nor of the brush lies the greatness of the image, but in my grace.” (Diary 313)

My Response: Lord, help me to remember that what I want is not always compatible with your plan.  So whenever I do not get what I want or my plans do not work out how I thought they should, then remind me to pray, “Your will be done, O Lord!”