News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 12/22/19

   All are invited to the Breakfast with Santa in Father Cotter Hall this Sunday before and after the 10:00 am Mass.  Tickets are still on sale at the door at regular price.   

    Our Christmas Mass schedule has changed slightly from prior years. There will be four Christmas Masses: Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th, a 4 pm Vigil Mass with the choir and a homily for children; 9 pm Vigil Mass, and Christmas Day, Dec. 25th, Masses at 7:30 am and at 10:00 am with the choir. For more information, please see below.

     Christmas wafers are available at the entrance to the chapel.  Each envelope contains three wafers, two white wafers for people and one pink wafer for household animals.  It is customary to share the Christmas wafer on Christmas Eve, right before the supper or Wigilia.  General good wishes and words of reconciliation can be exchanged at the time of the wafer-sharing amongst family members and friends.  Sharing of the wafer reminds us of the
Eucharist shared by Jesus Christ for our redemption and reconciliation with God the Father in the Holy Spirit.   

    The parish office will be open only on Monday; it will be closed from Tuesday to Friday inclusive in observance of Christmas. 

    I am sincerely grateful to everyone who makes our Christmas celebrations possible: All liturgical ministers (lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, altar servers) greeters and ushers, our musicians, choir, and soloists. Additionally, to the dedicated volunteers who decorated the church, everyone who made donations toward flowers, and everyone who helped out in other ways, we say, “Thank you.”

    We welcome guests and visitors to join us at the Christmas liturgies; know that the doors of Blessed Sacrament are always open for you throughout the year.

    May our newborn Christ, the Emmanuel, the “God with us,” always bless you and bring peace, health, and joy to you and your family. On behalf of Msgr. Leo McCarthy, Deacon Ed Zablocki, Sister Lucette Kinecki, and the entire Parish Staff, I wish each one of you a very happy,
healthy, and joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fr. Matt