Pastor’s Note 9/22/19

Bishop Robert Barron, an auxiliary Bishop of the Los Angeles Diocese, wrote a book “Letter to the Suffering Church” on the topic of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.  His introduction to it can be viewed here:


     Our parish ordered 300 copies of this book-letter for every active parish family thanks to a generous sponsor who covered the cost of books, which is greatly appreciated.  The bulk order cost of books is $1/copy with free shipping. 

     The books will be distributed for free to anyone  interested, 1-per-family, after all three Masses on the upcoming weekends and parish group/organization meetings.  On Monday, October 28th, at 6:30 pm, after people have had the time to read the book, we will offer a one time open group discussion of it at Father Cotter Hall for anyone interested. 

     We will also offer an online individual self-guided  five-week study of that book for utilizing Bishop Barron’s video commentaries distribution system created specifically for that purpose.  He requests that parishes utilize an online tool called Flocknote.  It is free for up to 40 registered members and there is a monthly subscription, if more people use it.  Parishioners who register for this free to them service would be receiving weekly invitations to watch the videos from Bp. Barron’s Word on Fire Ministry through text massages and emails from Flocknote.   The same platform could also be used for other parish communications. 

     Please contact me indicating you want to be part of the 40 person group to online self-study Bishop Barron’s book, “Letter to the Suffering Church”.  FREE Registrations will be accepted on first come basis. 

     Another very informational video interview  commentary by Bishop Barron on dealing with the  scandal can be viewed here:

     Fr. Matt