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Did I Hear a Maybe?

We have probably all had times in our lives that we have wrestled with a decision on whether or not to do something. Some of these were big   decisions, the others, not so much.

      Just maybe, there is something you have    considered volunteering for here at the parish or perhaps elsewhere, but you just didn’t because you were unsure of the time commitment, the   expectations, or possibly even your own ability to do the job.

     There are so, so many opportunities here at the parish. If you inquire about a particular volunteer activity, we will be happy to give you information and the chance to give it a try. If you then decide that it is not for you, as the saying goes, “no harm, no foul…”

     So, this hopefully is the pep talk that makes you take action! Call us; let’s see how we can  utilize your particular time and talent!