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Divine Mercy in My Soul

From the Diary of

 St. Faustina Kowalska

O Christ, if my soul had known, all at once, what it was going to have to suffer during it’s lifetime, it would have died of terror at the very sight; it would not have touched its lips to the cup of bitterness. But as it has been given to drink a drop at a time, it has emptied the cup to the to the very bottom. O Christ, if You    Yourself did not support the soul, how much could it do of itself? We are strong, but with Your strength; We are holy, but with Your holiness. And of ourselves, what are we?  –  Less than nothing…

My Response: My Jesus, You suffice me for      everything else in the world. Although the sufferings are severe, You sustain Me. Although the times of   loneliness are terrible, You make them sweet for me. Although the weakness is great, You change it into power for me.                                               (Diary 1655)