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History of Blessed Sacrament Parish

Three years ago, our Parish Historian spent countless hours researching and chronicling the history of our parish. We then ran the historical articles for  sixteen consecutive weeks in the bulletin – the positive response was tremendous! So, in this 90th Anniversary Year of Blessed Sacrament Parish, let’s run these wonderful  articles again as we lead up to our 90th Anniversary Celebration on October 26th, 2019. The first in the series is below.

If you happen to have an old photo or two that you’d like to share, we can see if it will duplicate well and perhaps include it along with the articles. And, enormous gratitude goes out to our parish historian (who prefers to remain     anonymous) for this wonderful contribution to our parish!


              The Bible tells us that nothing happens by mere chance and that there is a time for different things. Thanks to the vision of St. Joseph’s Parish, especially Mrs. Ayler & Mrs. Milbrod, it was seen that there was a need for a parish nearer to their homes in “Duck Town”.  After securing enough petitions from their Catholic neighbors, Mrs. Ayler and Mr. Thomas Rechin took these petitions to Bishop Turner, who agreed to make a priest available for Mass if the people could come up with a suitable location for the celebration of Mass.

This resulted in the first Masses being celebrated in the Kenilworth Fire Hall on Sunday mornings. It was Fr. Klauder from St. John’s and other neighboring priests who kept alive “the Mission of St. John’s” by saying Mass for the people of Duck Town.

(First article in the series, originally published in the February 14, 2016 bulletin)