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Altar & Rosary Society News

Our Board Meeting for June will be held on Monday, June 17th at 7 pm as we begin to discuss plans for the coming 2019-20 years.  We invite, especially at this time of the year, and look forward to new members as we begin to start-up and plan our 2019-20 business year, which begins in September. If you’ve been interested in our bulletin information insofar as programming is concerned, perhaps would like the opportunity of meeting new friends and, especially, if you appreciate the great bond of faith we have in the collegiality and strength of being Catholic women in our parish, we would welcome and appreciate your membership.    In your current church envelope packet, there is a PINK envelope for the Society for membership dues for the coming year.  Enclose your payment of $10 and we’ll receive it, and will look forward to seeing you at our September Membership Social.  (Please note: from the dues we do receive through the month of June, only, we do pick a winner for a lucky prize—we hope it will be you!!)  Thank you.