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Divine Mercy in My Soul

The Lord grants His graces in two ways: by inspiration and by enlightenment. If we ask God for a grace, He will give it to us; but let us be willing to accept it. And in   order to accept it, self-denial is needed. Love does not consist in words or  feelings, but in deeds. It is an act of the will; it is a gift; that is to say, a giving. The reason, the will, the heart – these three faculties must be exercised during prayer. I will rise from the dead in Jesus, but first I must live in Him. If I do not separate myself from the cross, then the Gospel will be revealed in me. Jesus in me makes up for all my deficiencies. His grace operates without ceasing.  The Holy Trinity grants me its life abundantly, by the gift of the Holy Spirit. The three Divine Persons live in me. When God loves, He loves with all His being, with all the power of His being. If God has loved me in this way, how should I respond – I, His spouse?    (Diary 392)

My Response: Lord, how can I, a mere mortal, understand the unfathomable love You have for me? You are love, itself. All I can do is contemplate and pray and try to love You in return.