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R.C.I.A. Corner


     Today, we stood together with palms in our hands, we praised you, and sang our Hosannas; and then turned from those Hosannas and relived the memory of your passion through the words of the Scriptures. Please Jesus, remind us throughout this day of the    impact of those words, help us to bring the memory of those words with us and not turn our attention away from you as we get caught up in the business of our lives. Help us to remember how we felt as we shouted the words “Crucify Him!” 

     You knew what was coming Jesus, you knew how quickly the Hosannas would change to angry shouts and condemnation, clamoring for your death. Two thousand years later we too know the story, but    sometimes we lose our focus, and the importance of that day on which you began your journey toward the Cross. 

    You understand us Jesus, we are the very human children of God. We often feel that we have satisfied our obligation, and now, because we have worked hard all week, our possessions and recreation should once again take precedence. But you were determined to fulfill your mission of bringing forgiveness and salvation, at any cost, and in spite of our human    weaknesses. Even to the very end, you kept teaching. Asking forgiveness for your executioners was one of your final lessons, telling your Father, they knew not what they were doing. 

      For the times we “fit you in,” lose our focus, called attention to the faults of others, held onto hurts and failed to forgive …..Father forgive us, for often we know not what we are doing.