News, Pastor's Note

Pastor’s Note 3/31/19

The Catholic Charities 2019 Appeal has started.   Parishioners should have received letters with an invitation to participate.  Thank you for all the past support and I encourage all to support this year’s appeal. Our parish goal is again $34,000. 

     The Parish Lenten Penance Service will be held on Sunday, April 7th, at 3-4 pm during the Hour of Mercy at church, with several priests confessors.  Last Tuesday’s Gospel reading was about the need and necessity of   constant forgiveness.  Jesus told St. Peter and other apostles and disciples that a true follower of His must be ready to always try to forgive, especially if an injustice was done more than once by the same  person.  Only then can we be properly, spiritually disposed to ask and receive the forgiveness for our sins and transgressions from our Heavenly Father. 

     For over a year now, the Be My Witness parish renewal and evangelization team has been seeking ways to improve our parish life.  After several pew surveys were done, we continue to implement the most urgent and important suggestions.  One area we are looking at now is parish hospitality at Sunday Mass. In addition to eventually introducing more ushers and greeters, we also invite people to briefly greet each other near their pew before the Mass starts. Especially, we will want to introduce ourselves to and welcome any newcomers to worship with us. 

     Have a Blessed Lent. 

     Fr. Matt