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R.C.I.A. Corner


     This weekend, our parish family celebrates the Rite of Welcoming for Lexi Scheelar.

    The Rite of Welcoming is celebrated with a previously baptized “candidate,” but who is          un-catechized, and seeks reception into full communion with the Catholic Church. After an      informal time of sharing stories and asking questions, called a Period of Inquiry, Lexi freely made the decision to move forward on her journey. Her desire to deepen her relationship with Christ, through the   Catholic Church, became more and more evident throughout this period of time.

     Lexi will now enter the catechetical stage of the RCIA process, where more time is spent systematically focusing on Church doctrine. However, focusing on doctrine is only a small part of this stage in her journey. Inspired by the example of the church community, and its involvement in the work of discipleship, Lexi will  prepare to be transformed from a seeker to a disciple. As a disciple, she will grow in her desired relationship with Christ, one that        becomes a living, breathing relationship, one she    herself will then share with others.

    This stage of her journey into full communion with the Church will take “as long as it takes.” By allowing time for the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the norms of the RCIA process do not set time frames or limits on when one’s journey should begin, or when it is judged that true conversion and acceptance of Church teachings is evident. Let us pray with and for Lexi, share our own stories, be her example, and make her feel a welcome part of our growing family.