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VIRTUS Training Opportunity

An essential part of the mission of the Church is the promotion and protection of the rights and dignity of all  people. Christian principles dictate that we have a special concern for those who are most vulnerable and those who cannot fully care for themselves. The Diocese of Buffalo requires that all adults who work regularly with youth in schools, parishes, or Catholic organizations must attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop one time and then follow up by reading one brief article each month. This applies to all adults who are volunteers or employees     regularly working with youth including coaches, parent volunteers, teachers, clergy, youth ministers, school staff, and others. The Protecting God’s Children Workshop is coming to Blessed Sacrament Parish on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 running from 6 – 9:30 pm in Fr. Cotter Hall. Register online at https://www.buffalodiocese.org/protecting-gods-children and click on Protecting God’s Children Workshop Registration near the bottom of the page or call the parish office at 834-4282. There is no charge, light refreshments will be served. Sign up today!