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We have now entered into the Season of Lent, the time set aside in our liturgical year that calls us to re-focus and slow down the business. It is also when we enter into a time of self-examination and move our hearts to  “a deeper level.” While the traditional practice of “giving up” something to which we have a fondness or an attachment is always beneficial in our spiritual  journey, that term can take on a whole new meaning when we add something that might bring us to that deeper level.  An article by an unknown author suggests ways to redefine “Giving Up”:

Give up complaining – focus on gratitude

Give up harsh judgments – think kind thoughts

Give up worry – trust God to provide

Give up discouragement – be full of hope

Give up bitterness – turn to forgiveness

Give up hatred – return good for evil

Give up anger – be more patient

Give up pettiness – become mature

Give up jealousy – pray for trust

Give up gossiping – control your tongue

Give up sin – turn to virtue

Give up giving up – persevere