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As part of the Renew Lenten Series, Sister Terry Reckard, OP, gave a presentation entitled


     Her inspiring suggestions regarding the coming Lenten season provided thought provoking ideas about how to make Lent a time to “Become our best and truest self.” Her intention was to keep us moving forward so that after 40 days we don’t just revert back to our lives before Lent. We need to ask ourselves, at this time, where is God in my life, and who is god in my life? God always has been and always will be in the midst of our daily lives, but it is up to each of us to deeply reflect on the “who” and “where.”

     The traditional practices of the Lenten season are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. While each of these can lead to a deeper awareness of God, the things that bring about a conversion of the heart may take more prayerful   contemplation. Sacrifice should not be made just for the sake of sacrifice. Sacrifice with meaning behind it moves us forward to a new awareness and a new place in our journey. Deepening our commitment requires deepening our willingness to move beyond giving up sweets. Could this be a time of apologizing to someone, or taking the first step toward a reconciliation, or listening intently to someone when we find ourselves short on patience or time? We might also consider offering our fast for someone we love, or someone who may be hard to love. Plan now, prepare now, so when Lent begins, our hearts open and ready. Lent is a time when we reset and restart, and a time of honest self reflection.