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R.C.I.A. Corner


     The signing of the Reproductive Health Act in New York State seems to have fostered a sense of competition in other states to see who can jump on the bandwagon and be the quickest to follow suit. However, in Virginia, the bar has been raised to an unthinkable level with a proposal to allow the abortion of a full term, partially or even fully delivered baby. The parents and doctor are then given time to assess whether or not the quality of the child’s life warrants taking the baby’s life, or allowing the baby to live. Writing these words, and I am sure reading them, almost prompts the brain to reject the thought and to question one’s reading comprehension skills. 

     After viewing the video of the celebration of those supporting this act of “freedom for women,” we must ask ourselves, was there anyone present who applauded this declaration of death who believes in God, or has heard His word preached in almost every place of worship? Can the whole group be atheists? Because surely Christians, Jews and followers of so many other faith traditions have been exposed to teachings on the value and origins of life. So many children who have been created in the image of God, designed in love, and called into life with a purpose, will never achieve that purpose. Psalm 139 reminds us that the One who called us into life knew us even before we were formed, knew our ways and knew what we would say even before we uttered a word. 

     There have been many calls for the excommunication of those who boast of their “Catholic” faith – their altar boy past or the right to the formation of their own conscience, but final judgment and punishment will be left to the Supreme Judge who has given free will to those who celebrate this atrocity. It is up to US to become   involved in whatever way we can – through education, financial support, political activism, merciful counseling or any other opportunity that presents itself. But first and foremost, through prayer and sacrifice, for this is the way we will see the day when hearts and minds are changed and the celebration will be that of LIFE.