R.C.I.A. Corner

“SLIPPERY SLOPE – A course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another, with unintended consequences.” (Miriam Webster dictionary)
The recent passage and signing into law of the “Reproductive Health Act” by Governor Andrew Cuomo has moved New York State into the position of having the most liberal abortion “rights” in the country. While there are 19 other states that allow third trimester abortions for the health of the mother, New York has gone well beyond any other. In New York, the “health of the mother” can be assigned almost any definition. In addition, New York law removes the requirement that physicians perform the procedure and would allow nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other “health care professionals” to perform abortions. This law also removes any protection for babies accidentally born alive as well as the requirement that a second doctor be present during a late term abortion.
If there is no value for life within the womb, will sliding down the slippery slope eventually lead to the devaluing of life outside the womb? Will what some may consider “unproductive” lives, or the aged, not be deemed valuable – and by whom will these decisions be made? Abortion has so many “unintended consequences” that have not been considered in the rush to push through this abomination of God’s gift of life. The sanctity of life stems from the belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God, and our lives are of value, no matter what may be considered the “quality” of one’s life. The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians (5:7-14) that we are to be “children of the light.” We, as well as the shepherds of our the Church, must do our part in whatever way we can to expose the darkness that surrounds us.
Submitted by Marguerite Mullins