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Pastor’s Note January 13, 2019

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  It marks the end of the liturgical Christmas Season. St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus with a non-sacramental baptism, recognizing and introducing him to the world as the promised Messiah.  That event calls us to daily renewal of our own baptismal promises to live a life dedicated to the Way of Christ.  This way the Ordinary Time we enter this week always remains extraordinary, for Christ always remains with us in his Church. 

     Our parish Youth Ministry is proud to send a few young people to attend the annual diocesan Youth Convention in Buffalo this February, where they will meet, pray, and grow in faith together with hundreds of other young people from all over the diocese.  In turn, after coming back to the parish, they will strengthen our youth ministry.  Anyone wishing to help support this project financially at any level, please contact me or Ms. Prefontaine. 

     I invite all to join the Pilgrimage to the Shrines of France October 7 – 17, 2019. Visit Lourdes (candlelight  procession), Nevers (incorruptible body of St. Bernardette), the Chateau Country, Mt. St. Michael, Normandy Beaches, Lisieux, Paris, daily Masses, and much more, out of Toronto. Call 834-4282 or email for more information and a brochure.

     Fr. Matt