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After Adam and Eve sinned, they recognized their nakedness and covered themselves with fig leaves, so when they heard God’s voice in the garden, they hid from Him. God asked “Where are you?” Adam answered God telling Him they were afraid because they were naked. God, knowing the answer, wanted Adam to admit to the disobedience that was the source of his fear. Adam and Eve clothing themselves was not only an attempt to cover their bodies, but to cover their shame.

Since the beginning, mankind has attempted to “clothe” itself in ways that are acceptable, even attractive to others – but our all knowing God still asks our admission of not only why, but what are we hiding. Just as with Adam and Eve, He already knows our  answer, He wishes us to “bare” ourselves to Him, to recognize in ourselves what He already sees. Our    attempts to hide are futile – each of us, born under the sin of Adam and Eve, struggles with our dual identities – be it priest or politician, parent or child, or the most learned and admired among us. God sees through our fallible natures, and yet loves us deeply, completely and unconditionally – even those who might have clothed themselves with a trusted image.

Like Adam, we are all afraid, at times, more than others. We are at a time in our Church and our country that can most definitely cause us to be afraid – but when Jesus, like His Father, looks at us and through us, with all our imperfections, He looks at us with love, just as He did the rich young man and the woman at the well. Because He has gifted us with Himself in the Eucharist, and the fruits of the sacraments, we have the ultimate sources of strength and peace. This is not the time to be afraid, it is the time to stand together in prayer and mutual support and to be a reflection of that strength and peace – it may be just that reflection that will draw the seeker to the place where strength and peace reside.

Submitted by Marguerite Mullins