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In her book “Listening to God’s Word,” author Alice Camille recorded some of her thoughts on prophecy from a somewhat different perspective than the most common held idea of the role of prophecy we read about in the Scriptures. The book, published almost 10 years ago, seems to have put forth some “prophetic” ideas very relevant in today’s society. To quote the   author:

“Prophecy might seem most useful when it comes before a crisis. At this stage, it cautions us to change our course, possibly averting disaster. 

Prophecy also has it’s uses within the period of crisis. Just as an early warning in prosperous times unmasks the false security of that hour, so a word of hope, whispered into the season of despair, can remind the people of God that this, too, is not the last word on the subject of us.”

The prophets of the Old Testament warned Israel over and over about impending disaster, even offering the means to avoid it. In today’s world, we too have witnessed the signs and warnings, such as taking God out of every aspect of the public sector – our schools, our work places, our public displays and public expressions of Christian greeting. We have been given the ways and means to prevent what we now witness in our world, but for the most part we too have ignored the warnings and not taken advantage of many opportunities to come together in prayer and sacrifice. However, as Alice Camille points out, God has also used the prophets of old to bring messages of hope; we need only to listen to the whispers. Despair “is not the last word on the subject of us,” we can change the course of events, we can be the prophets of hope to the people of God, and to all those who seek Him.

Submitted by Marguerite Mullins