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Pastor’s Note November 11, 2018

We invite entire families and especially any teenagers, in addition to regular worshippers, to participate in the Family Mass this Sunday, Nov. 11th, at 10:00 am.   Also, as a new spiritual offering, a priest will be hearing Sacramental Confessions a half hour before each  Sunday Family Mass, at 9:30-9:50 am, in addition to the regularly scheduled Saturday Confessions at 3:00 pm.

A week ago, priests of the Diocese met with the diocesan Bishop Malone on the issue of the sexual abuse scandal in the Diocese of Buffalo.  Clearly the Diocese is undergoing a very painful process cleansing itself from the very evil caused by some of its own ranking priests, mostly decades ago.  We are dealing with consequences of it now, doing our best to protect children and to address justice issues with many victims.  The zero tolerance policy put forth by the US Bishops, the “Charter” in 2002, seems to be working very well, as reportedly there are no new known cases since then.  The Church will get through it, albeit hopefully purified and changed forever for the better.  In the meantime, I pray for all Catholics and people of good will to not to lose heart, but precisely pray more and get involved in the good and real holiness of the Church established by Jesus Christ.  I pray and I invite you to pray for all the victims, and all the priests, but    especially for the vast majority of the good faithful priests, sometimes even wrongly accused, who suffer much anguish over this evil being thrust upon them and their flock.  I also pray for all the victims of sexual abuse in families, public school system, civic organizations and other religions. Hopefully the healthy cleansing and    healing in the Catholic Church will be a start of a society-wide similar process of protecting all the children and adults from this evil.  I thank you for the continuous prayers for me, our bishops, and especially those faithful who may be losing faith right now.  Jesus has reconciled this fallen world to His Heavenly Father and He is closer to us in His Church now more than ever.

 Fr. Matt